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Breeder Pedigree Papers

Only £8 per puppy

Kennel Registration provides you with registration documents
and certificates of pedigree for your puppies.

Pedigree Papers

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  • Breeder Registration certificate

    The Breeder Registration Certificate displays the registered name & address of the breeder and contains all the specific information relating to each puppy including; name, breed, D.O.B , colour, gender & much more.

    We will also provide you with a unique registration number for each puppy so that you and your customers can view a puppy's details on our website.
  • Transfer of Ownership Form

    The Transfer of Ownership form allows a change of registered ownership to take place between the breeder and the new owner(s). Changing registered ownership is easy for the owner and free of charge for the breeder.
  • Certificate of Pedigree (3rd Generation)

    The Certificate of Pedigree is the bloodline history and family tree of your puppies and shows three generations of ancestral pedigree. Certificates provide fascinating insight into the heritage of your puppies. Kennel Registration's Certificates of Pedigree are elegantly presented to you with Egyptian golden-leaf text.
  • Welcome pack and presentation

    The Welcome Pack lets your customers know all about the wonderful benefits of owning a puppy with Kennel Registration.

    The presentation portfolio is a glossy, water resistant folder helping you to store all of your pedigree documents safely.

Pedigree Papers

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